Website Update

Website Updates

New Features and Improved Design

If you have been to the site before, you may have already noticed, but I have updated quite a bit of the site. There were quite a bit of visual changes, but by far the most important change is the list system that the site now uses.

Basically, instead of going through anime shows one by one, whenever you first make your selection, you generate a unique list. Once you have that list generated, you can even share it! Along with the creation of lists, you now have two viewing options: Single and List.

Single View Screenshot
A screenshot of the new single view feature

The single view option is one that you are probably familiar with, it has the same setup as the single anime pages that you saw before the update. However, there are some upgrades. For one, no page refreshes! You can click the arrows, swipe, or use the keys, to flip through the shows quickly and easily!

List View Screenshot
A screenshot of the new list view feature

The list view option is new; this allows you to see twenty anime series at a time, but, you get limited information. So you can scroll through the shows, if you are interested, click on it, if not, keep going.

Remove Feature Screenshot
Screenshot highlighting the new remove feature

A new feature added in addition to the list system is the ability to remove an anime from your list. Once removed, it's gone, never to come back again (well, you can always re-generate the list). This would be useful if you are going to share your list with someone. You can remove the anime from the list you don't like, then send your list to a friend.

If you are looking at a list view on mobile, give it a swipe, you can easily remove items from your list that way.

Report Anime Error Screenshot
Screenshot highlighting the re-designed anime error reporting

Something I'm also excited about is the re-structure of the error reporting system. It's no longer just a dropdown. You can now report the error and tell me why you think it's wrong, or give me a solution. Such as, your description sucks, here's a better one.

Home and About Screenshot
Screenshot of both the new copy on the home and about page

There are many other small things I updated as well, for instance, the text on the homepage has been updated. I also changed re-wrote some of the content on the about page and made it more readable.

AnchorCMS Screenshot
A view a the install process of AnchorCMS

Lastly, the blog. I hated the blog. It needed to be updated. So, I did that. The blog, along with its new look, will also feature two new types of articles: Website Updates and Anime Articles. Those are pretty much self explanatory, I believe.

For you nerdy types, the blog is no longer on Wordpress. I switched over to a simpler CMS called AnchorCMS. So far, so good.

Well, I think that just about covers everything. I will be doing constant checking to make sure that everything is functioning properly. If something isn't quite working for you, don't hesitate to give me a shout!

I'm available via email or the Facebook page.