Adding Anime

How anime gets added to the site is a question that I've been asked more than a few times; some more nicely phrased than others. As you would imagine, adding anime to the site is always a top priority for me. After all, the more anime on the site, the better selection there is for viewers, like you.

You might not know this, but adding anime is still very much a manual process for me. Granted, over the past couple years, I've written some scripts to help automate parts of the process, but it is still mostly me, sitting at my desk, filling out a form. Glorious, right?

Without getting into boring specifics, the process all comes down to a form, which I created. The form has all the fields that you see on the anime page (name, alternate name, description, etc). After I find an anime to add, I simply find the information about the anime, typically from MAL, and then fill out the form. Simple. Now, I did write a supplementary script that automates grabbing some of the easier info, such as the title. After all the basic information is filled out, I find an image, then add it to the form. After submitting, the show is automatically added to the database, the image is converted into six different versions, and my job is done. Of course, I always pull up the page to make sure everything looks okay.

That's about all there is to it. Not very exciting, right?

How do you decide what anime to add?

I just sort of go with the flow, really. Of course, there is some hierarchy of priority. For instance, every new anime season, those shows take priority, since they are new. Though I do generally wait until all of the simuldubs have started, that way linking the shows is easier. Other than that, I scower popular streaming sites and MAL looking for shows that have yet to be added.

Can I suggest anime to add?

Of course! I love taking suggestions. In fact, I get them quite often via email. When you go to suggest an anime, or multiple anime, do keep in mind that I only add first seasons of shows; no sequels. To suggest an anime, fill out the contact form below or on the contact page. All forms on the site send an email directly to me, and I'll try to respond in a timely manner.