No, not the snack. The cookies I'm talking about are the little bytes of data that can be stored by websites on your browser. What information they hold, could be anything. Cookies are set by websites, you see, and usually contain information in regard to your browsing.

For example, this site uses cookies for a couple of things. One is for the genre lists. After your first visit to the site, I set a cookie with the lists of genres. Then, the next time you come around, I can just use that cookie's information instead of having to hit up my database. It just makes things easier.

Here is a list of all the cookies this site currently uses:

  • CurrentListId - Used to make sure the list you are viewing is current
  • GenreArrayNew - Stored list of the site's genres
  • SelectedGenres - The genres you selected when creating a list
  • ClosedEvilPopUp - Used to tell if you have closed out of the donation modal

As to why this site uses cookies, it's for convenience and effeciency. The genre array cookie cuts down on load time, since grabbing a cookie is much quicker than talking to a database. The current list id and selected genres cookies allow me to know behavior about the individual user, and adjust the interface appropriately.

You may notice an increase in websites that make you acknowledge their use of cookies upon entering them. This is due to laws changing over in the EU. As of right now, it is not a requirement for this site, but do expect something of the sort in the future, as I am a very firm believer in transparency.

If you want to learn more about cookies, there is a great article on them here.

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