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Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kamisama Hajimemashita Kamisama Kiss

  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Shoujo
  • Supernatural


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High schooler Nanami Momozono has quite a few problems of late, beginning with her absentee father being in such extreme debt that they lose everything. Downtrodden and homeless, she runs into a man being harassed by a dog. After helping him, she explains her situation, and to her surprise, he offers her his home in gratitude. But when she discovers...Read More that said home is a rundown shrine, she tries to leave; however, she is caught by two shrine spirits and a fox familiar named Tomoe. They mistake her for the man Nanami rescued—the land god of the shrine, Mikage. Realizing that Mikage must have sent her there as a replacement god, Tomoe leaves abruptly, refusing to serve a human.

Rather than going back to being homeless, Nanami immerses herself in her divine duties. But if she must keep things running smoothly, she will need the help of a certain hot-headed fox. In her fumbling attempt to seek out Tomoe, she lands in trouble and ends up sealing a contract with him. Now the two must traverse the path of godhood together as god and familiar; but it will not be easy, for new threats arise in the form of a youkai who wants to devour the girl, a snake that wants to marry her, and Nanami's own unexpected feelings for her new familiar. Read Less

More Information

  • Name: Kamisama Hajimemashita
  • Alt. Name: Kamisama Kiss
  • Score: 8.1
  • Type: TV Show
  • Episodes: 13
  • Season: Autumn 2012
  • Genres: ComedyFantasyRomanceShoujoSupernatural
  • TV Rating: TV-14
  • Sequel seasons and OVAs not included
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