About the Website

How’s it going? I’m Kyle, the creator of this website. No team, just me.

I'm a front-end web developer that loves to watch anime. This site was started as a bit of experiment out of college to help myself learn about running an actual website from top to bottom. However, I quickly realized its potential. I decided I would do my best to make this site into a useful tool for anime lovers around the world.

It's amazing what this site has become. It still blows my mind every time I get an email, thanking me for creating the site, or even suggesting ways to improve it. So, I'd just like to say, thank you for visiting RandomAnime.org, I appreciate your visit, and hope you find plenty of anime to watch .

— Kyle

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Third Party Websites

There are a few websites that I would like to mention that I link to throughout the website. The following list are their names, as well as their use:


If you have questions, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me through any of the contact forms on the website, or directly at [email protected].