A picture of me, Kyle, holding my daughter

About the website

How’s it going? I’m Kyle, the creator of this website. No team, just me.

So, who am I? I'm a front-end developer, anime enthusiast, and casual gamer. I absolutely love to learn; my 1200+ Duolingo streak can attest to that. I also love to garden; my lemon tree being my pride and joy (grew it from a seed!). I'm currently working for AT&T as a developer in the good ol' Midwest with my amazing wife, and beautiful daughter.

Now you know a little about me, but what about random anime?

I started random anime in 2016 a bit after graduating from college. I wanted to learn more about SEO and what it took to run a website from top to bottom. Tada! Random anime was born as a niche site to help me learn more about SEO. Slowly, the site gained traffic, and has since become a useful tool to the anime community.

Thank you for visting; I sincerely appreciate your support. Feel free to connect with me on AniList or MyAnimeList.

— Kyle


If you have questions, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me through any of the contact forms on the website, or directly at [email protected].