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"This website" and all variations refers to the website RandomAnime.org. "The owner" and/or "said owner" and all variations refers to the individual Kyle Hawk.

Website Overview

RandomAnime.org is a website personally run by, and is owned by, the individual, Kyle Hawk. This website is ran through said owner's personal funds and is not affiliated with any company or business. Primary contact for said owner is [email protected].


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Information on this site is compiled from the anime databases AniList and MyAnimeList. This information is properly cited and links to the pages containing the information are present.

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This website accepts personal donations, or gifts, securely via multiple payment gateways in agreement, by all parties involved, that said payment is being made to said owner's personal account. These funds, once transferred, may be used at the owner's disgression. These donations, or gifts, are final and cn not be cancelled or refunded once processed. No information regarding the donation is stored on this website's servers. Please refer to PayPal's, and Buy Me A Coffee's, privacy policies for more information regarding their handling and transfer of said funds.


This website does not store any personal information from its users. Information passed to the website, for instance in a contact form, is held only temporarily until the proper methods are performed, then the information is disposed of; never stored.

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Further Inquiry

For further question or inquiry, please contact [email protected]