Maesetsu! Maesetsu! Opening Act

  • Comedy
  • Slice of Life


Manzai is a traditional form of Japanese stand-up comedy where two comedians act out skits as a straight man and funny man, guiding the audience through a series of punchlines. Two determined girls, Mafuyu Kogarashi and Fubuki Kitakaze, are aspiring manzai entertainers who struggle to achieve any real success, despite their lengthy time on stage. They often partner up with manzai newcomers and their close friends—Rin Araya and Nayuta Asougi—to help in the opening acts of each other's routines.

In order to eventually reach their desired fame, the four girls challenge themselves by changing venues, switching roles, entering competitions, and giving it their best to hone their craft and gain more experience. But before that can happen, these flourishing young artists must first grow into presentable performers to get signed as amateurs and start their dream in earnest.

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