Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!

Wave!! Surfing Yappe!! WAVE!! -Let's go surfing!!-

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Energetic and cheerful, 14-year-old Masaki Hinaoka takes his pet corgi on morning runs along the beach bathed in the rising sun. Suddenly, Masaki's eyes sparkle in awe: a blond boy surfs, delicate and breathtaking, with a slight smile gracing his kind face. Before long, Masaki encounters him again as a new classmate named Shou Akitsuki.

Shou is a skilled surfer and has been immersed in the sport since childhood. Even though surfing is the hobby of choice for Masaki's best friend, easygoing half-Hawaiian Nalu Tanaka, Masaki has never shown interest in trying it himself. But his admiration for Shou's surfing style finally inspires him to try the waves for the first time—despite not knowing how to swim.

On the surfboard, Masaki shows surprising potential and talent for balance. He learns quickly and eventually enters a local competition, all with Shou and Tanaka by his side. However, behind Shou's gentle smile lurks a darker shadow, threatening to overwhelm his friends. Nonetheless, Masaki fearlessly steps into the fun world of surfing, stopping at nothing to be the very best.

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